What Are Adobe Air Applications?

So what are Adobe Air applications? Well, these applications are designed to offer a cross-platform runtime environment that facilitates the web developers to utilize their existing web development skills, code and tools for building rich web applications and content to the desktop. Adobe AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime was first initiated on 19 March 2007 with the name of Apollo. Read on to know more about Adobe Air applications.

The developers use HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash software, and Action Script to build web applications that run as standalone and separate client applications without the limitations of a browser. The designers and developers make use of these flexible development environments to unleash their creativity for the delivery of applications across devices and platforms.

Moving on with the explanation of Adobe Air application, as a cross-operating system with a versatile runtime environment, these web-based applications have many of the characteristics of more traditional desktop-like programs. What is interesting about Adobe Air applications is that these applications can be packaged, digitally signed, and installed on the user's local file system. Users have the advantage of accessing the local storage and file systems.

Adobe Air applications have four ways of working with data, which are database server via web services, a local XML file, local SQLite database shipped with AIR and encrypted local store included with AIR. With more than 100 million installations of Adobe Air applications worldwide, the majority of AIR runtime installations take place at the first time an AIR application is installed by a user. The reason behind this is the fact that these applications were included with all downloaded installations of Adobe Reader 9, with no option for exclusion either in the download or in the installation.

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