Adobe Air 2 Beta

The start of 2010 saw the release of second version of Adobe Air 2 Beta, which included new potential to interact with printers, secure socket support, and hundreds of bug fixes. The comments from the user and developer community have played a key role in guiding the development of this release. For additional information, go on to read all about Adobe Air 2 Beta here in this article.

One of the main goals about this beta of Adobe Air 2 was to add potential to the runtime that would allow new classes of applications to be built that were simply not feasible with AIR 1. It was important to understand the challenges developers and designers were facing with AIR. A hypothesis for the Adobe Air 2 Beta release hit the road so as to test it with customers and improve it based on feedback. The idea was to get familiar with the most annoying business and technical challenges of the users.

Adobe Air 2 Beta info reveals how with its evolution it became clear that the focus should be on the offering deeper integration with the operating system, making developers more dynamic, and to improve performance. The purpose of the public Adobe Air 2 Beta is to help the users run their existing applications run as expected and also meet their expectations.

One of the key features you'll find in this new release of Adobe Air 2 Beta is that one can open documents with default application. This can help you put together a content management application that lets you navigate the files, opening them using the default application. Moving on with details on Adobe Air 2 Beta, one can now identify when a mass storage device, such as a USB drive or certain kinds of cameras, have been connected or disconnected to the user's computer. With Adobe Air 2 Beta, it is easier for developers to extend AIR without conciliation on the cross-platform promise.

The native process API of the Adobe Air 2 Beta allows the developers to launch and converse, bi-directionally, with a native process. One can also easily access the sound data from a microphone straight away for recording or processing without the need of a server. Moreover, the Global error handling lets you take care of all uncaught errors, in one place in your code. The continued enhancements on printing help to improve the quality of output to the printer.

What is interesting about Adobe Air 2 Beta is the more efficient usage of CPU. Many applications are consuming even 50% less CPU usage when running in the background. There are also reductions in memory usage between 15–20%.