Features Of Air Applications

Adobe Air applications are both convenient and easy to install. Check out the main features of Air applications which are powerful and allow us to execute tasks not normally available in a web browser, on this page.

One of the main features of Adobe Air applications is that they allow you to have access to your preferred web applications all the time. As these applications can run on your desktop computer without a web browser, they offer all the convenience of a desktop application. Big companies like Sony and AOL use Air applications to generate exciting new applications. The aspects of Air applications being powerful allow you to use their services on your desktop.

Another of important characteristics of Air applications is that they are easy to install. Perhaps you already have it installed. Otherwise one can install it automatically when downloading an application that has been built to run on AIR. One just needs to authorize the installation and you're all ready to go.

Providing security is another of Air applications features. By helping ensure safe installations, which requires digital signatures on each AIR application, one stays protected on the web. By identifying the application and its creator before you install, these features of Air applications keep you completely safe and protected.

Today, the Adobe Air applications use system resources more efficiently. By reducing memory usage, the applications run faster with a smaller runtime and without any application recompilation. AIR applications are getting popular and becoming useful day by day. The sheer simplicity of Air applications features is what has made it as popular as it is.

National Geographic, eBay and Nickelodeon, all these big companies make use of the advanced features of Adobe Air applications to develop exciting new applications, which are easier, more powerful, more fun to use.